Creating with the Fibers of our Being

The first thing we are wrapped in when we’re born, and the last thing we’re covered with as we leave this earth, textiles are our protectors, they keep us warm and they guard us from severe elements. Yet as a society, we’ve gotten so far from knowing how they are made.

Being able to repair damaged clothes, honor heirloom garments with special embellishments, and create newly imagined designs can be so much more rewarding than succumbing to trendy throw-away options that lure us with their cheap prices.

Below are just a few textile techniques that anyone can explore with minimal investment.

Natural dyeing can be done with used clothes, foraged plants, and an old bucket. Embroidery hoops and threads are affordable enough to buy with pocket change, and patchwork can be done with entirely recycled materials.

While it’s a pleasure to offer goods created for sale, it brings just as much joy to share the skills learned over a lifetime of textile obsession. Provided here are many levels of opportunity - free information available to all, goods created for purchase, as well as books and kits for a deeper dive into these techniques.

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Plant Dyes

Infuse botanical hues into fibers for rich, harmonious color palettes.

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Hand Embroidery

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Patchwork + Sewing

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