Lavender Serpent Velvet Pouch

Lavender Serpent Velvet Pouch


Created to provide a sacred space for your cherished items, these botanically dyed pouches are perfect for jewelry, stones, and tarot or oracle cards.

Silk / rayon velvet lined with 100% silk, outside is hand painted with plant dyes. Each side has a different design - a snake aiming at a star in between two crescent moons on one side, and a tiny seven pointed star. Dyed with logwood, a tree native to South and Central America, and painted with pH shifting natural paints that create a pale orange contrast. (last photo is just to show scale, this listing is for snake pouch)

As with many natural dyes, contact with any pH shifting substances like vinegar, lemon, baking soda, or wood ash can change the color and potentially remove the design (logwood dye was used as a pH tester before modern versions!). Also avoid sitting in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, which can fade dyes.

4” wide x 7” tall (inside of bag, from bottom edge to drawstring is 6”)

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