Atlas Moth Embroidered Vintage Column Dress

Atlas Moth Embroidered Vintage Column Dress


Loosely based on the atlas moth, one of the largest moths surpassed only by the white witch (in wingspan) and the Hercules moth (in wing surface area) this is one of those “mother nature did what now?” creatures.

Hand embroidered vintage piece of art.

100% ankle length silk column gown, fully lined. Appears to have been handmade (which just adds to its appeal!) There is a minor stain on the front, shown in detail photo with finger for scale. Trust me, in this stunning dress, no one will be looking at this barely-there blemish. 16” bust, 14.5” waist, 45” length, slit in back for easy movement. Size S.

Made for Madame Fortuna vintage and jewelry shop in Narrowsburg, NY.

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