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The Story...

mixed color emerged out of love for progress, transformation  and the forward motion of experimentation and evolution. this platform for creation embraces the space in between, inclusive and universal in its nature.


 mixed color celebrates the odd beauty, enhanced by slight imperfections, taking society and nature’s discards and transforming them into usable objects. the limitations of recycled and natural materials speak to the new form, inviting equal parts necessity and intuition to drive the process.


How it's made...

In its physical sense, mixed color is a free flowing, ever evolving collection of goods created as an artistic practice, with the challenge of providing functional pieces that are thoughtfully and skillfully made, and most often one of a kind. the majority of pieces are made using natural fabrics colored with natural dyes, or recycled fabrics. denim is especially of interest, the way it attracts almost all cultures, all ages, and all classes with its rugged simplicity and functionality.


conjured in the Catskills, NY by Christi Johnson.

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collaboration with nature

nature is a source of inspiration, a provider of materials, and a force to work with, not against. the mixed color studio uses natural dyes, organically grown and produced fabrics whenever possible, recycled fabrics, and factory floor remnants in order to minimize ecological footprint. the fashion industry is one of the leading producers of waste and pollution, and it is about time for that to change.

handmade as a way of life

to be handmade does not simply mean someone used their hands and now an object exists, it is about creating items with integrity and humanity all throughout its creation. even with the help of electronics such as the sewing machine, or the computer, all items that come from the mixed color studio have been thoughtfully created with intention and labored over with love.

expression through creation

I aim to create goods that will inspire not just the wearer or purchaser, but anyone else who sees, feels, or interacts with the work, with high hopes that the evidence of being made by hand may come through and provoke others to consider making something themselves, because freedom of expression through tactile creation can be incredibly liberating!!

finding unity in diversity

the name mixed color came out of a desire to unify and include all cultures as sources of knowledge and inspiration, stitching our experiences, patching our differences, weaving our stories together. as a child of many races, I believe the more we share and teach others, the more we can all learn and understand through experiences of others and create peace in ourselves and our communities.