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1: The Essentials


For the first week, spend time getting to know the stitches. Try and complete one of the samplers included or develop your own entirely new design through the process, but be sure you’ve gotten some experience with all stitch methods.

It is not required that you know all these stitches by heart, or at all, to engage with the rest of this workshop, but it does help to have a broader base of skills to draw upon.

Next week’s theme is beginners mind, so consider this the warm up week. We’re conditioning our hand-eye coordination so that the act of embroidery can become more natural and therefore more intuitive, this allows us to relax from the active Beta state to a soothing Alpha state.

HOW TO STRUCTURE THIS WEEK: There are six videos in the Stitch Library, about ten minutes each. You can try watching one a day and practicing along on your sampler, or if you’re the full-on type, do this as a weekend intensive. It’s designed to take about two hours, each v


The Stitch Library

Step-by-step videos and illustrations for each stitch, along with downloadable pdf stitch book to print out and bring with you.


Materials Overview

A description of the ideal materials for embroidery, a must-view if you’re new to working with textiles! More experienced fiber artists may also discover some new information here.


Sampler Patterns

For learning the stitches in style, try out one of these, designed to be a new take on the traditional classic, and based on the weekly themes highlighted.



Quick reference to terms and materials.