a creative practice through embroidery

Say “yes” to developing your artistic capabilities.

Say “yes” to your ability to express yourself visually.

You are so much more creative than you think. Now is the time to discover that creativity.


Allowing yourself time for a committed creative practice gives you the power to think in new and innovative ways.

This workshop provides the framework for turning your stitches into….

In addition to providing the basic techniques, a detailed overview of material options, and a video encyclopedia of stitches, you’ll also be introduced to a more metaphysical approach to your creative process, as well as weekly lessons in a sweet illustrated printable booklet so you can expand this creative process into your own personal ritual.

With inspiring projects that will get you going, this workshop encourages you to develop your own designs while also offering patterns to follow along with, like the symbolic sampler, a modern experimental take on the classic embroidery sampler. 

The ancient art of drawing in stitches known as embroidery is a meditation in fibers. The slowness of the process really allows time to ruminate on these images, so allowing time for this process becomes a long-form study of the vibrant natural and cosmic worlds around us. The weekly lessons included in this workshop will help you to explore your own perceptions, and expand your possibilities.


Woven in through these lessons, you’ll find suggestions for slowing down, and methods for introducing creative rituals into your own life. 

Embroidery as presented in this workshop is not just a means for an end, it is an exploration of material, and an invitation to slow down and spend some time listening to a long-form process. 

I find the times when I’m convinced I don’t have a moment for getting creative are the times when I truly need my creative practice. 


Why Embroidery?

Like meditation and other forms of mindfulness, hand crafts can really help to soothe and center the brain, and embroidery can be done anywhere from the bustle of a crowded train to the open meadows of a verdant landscape. 

I’ve been drawing in stitches for over a decade, and it has taught me SO much about visual expression and slowing down as part of the process of evolution.

My take on embroidery is a bit different than the traditional… ok, a LOT different. 

I’m not obsessed with perfecting proper technique, if that is what you’re looking for… I’m sorry!  While I will  guide you through each stitch and the possible variations, this is more about how to confidently express yourself in stitches than how to get an A+ from the Royal School of Needlework! 

I’m teaching you the basics so you can expand the possibilities of this inspiring technique, not so you can make precise replicas of traditional designs.


Who is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who wants to bring a creative practice into their life, but needs more guidance on what that can look like.

This course is ESPECIALLY for people who have been told that they aren’t creative, or are discouraged by traditional methods of visual expression. Unlike drawing or painting, most people don’t have any hangups around stitching. This freedom from past put-downs allows room for play - a vital element in learning a new skill, and expanding upon the possibilities.

This course was designed to be accessible to those new to embroidery, while also bringing plenty of new ways of working to the more experienced stitcher.

What is Included?

  • a video library of stitches

  • three pdf “sampler” patterns with step-by-step instruction so you can learn along with the videos

  • printable weekly worksheets, with prompts for creative embroidery exploration

  • emails twice a week with tips, tricks, and examples of needlework from around the globe to keep you inspired and on track

  • materials overview, glossary, and references so you have all the info you need in one place


How Can This Help You?

The hypnotizing process of hand embroidery can be a joyous respite from the go-go-go of our daily schedules, an act that has the ability to add brilliance and substance to the fibers of our lives.

Our creative energy is one of the most important tools in recognizing our ability to enact change in our own lives.

It’s about turning your creative time into a practice that is fulfilling and inspiring.

It’s about embracing your vision and developing your skills as an artist, we just happen to be doing that through the ancient art of embroidery.

The stitches used are as important as paint on a canvas - no one cares what kind of paint you used, they care what impact your vision makes on them. The stitches just help to get you there.



Why Did I Make This Course?

I debated offering this course for a very long time. I spent over a year and a half developing the curriculum, recording and re-recording videos, and fine-tuning an offering that would contribute to more than just the ability to make pretty stitches.

The internet is full of step-by-step educational offers. I didn’t care to add to that.

I wanted to create a course that could actually expand your ability to think creatively.

I wanted to create a course that would provide exercises that would allow you to engage with the material over and over again.

I wanted to create a course that would make you want to create.

That would make you want to develop your own style.

That would allow you the freedom to explore creative possibilities in your stitches, in hopes that this freedom of exploration would seep out into other areas of your life.