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Embroidery Patterns

Now you can stitch your own talismanic embroideries! Inspired by mystical visions and dreams, these free-hand embroidery patterns help still the mind through the meditative practice of stitching. Each of the designs I’ve created has its own intention and theme, and there’s an expanding library of tutorial videos for you to stitch alongside!

When you purchase any pattern, you’re given immediate access to the videos for that specific pattern. When you join the Illuminated Stitches Portal, you get access to all videos for all patterns, as well as a step-by-step guide to designing your own embroideries (the Portal includes four patterns for instant download!).

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The Pattern Shop

Choose from a growing selection of my original artworks, translated into stitches and spelled out stitch by stitch, so you can bring these pieces into your own home no matter what your skill level.

These patterns are for personal use only, I’m sharing these so you can bring beauty into your home and creative practice! Thanks in advance for understanding and respecting that I’m sharing my art for your learning experience, not so that it may be copied for profit (which is not only illegal, but just not cool in any way). For more on the delicate balance with teachers, students, and makers, I highly suggest my friend Lise Silva’s book “Craft and Practice: Meditations on Creativity and Ethics”

Illuminated Stitches Portal

While I created each pattern, I considered challenges that beginners may be facing, and recorded video of the steps of these embroidery patterns so that you can follow along. The Portal is a video workshop, with illustrated instructions and a guide for creating your own embroidered artwork, as well as step by steps on how to create the four patterns included with the workshop.

There are videos and lessons on each stitch style, but also videos specific to each pattern, and they are sorted both by the stitch and by the pattern so you can easily access the information you need.

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Wanna get up close and personal with the how-to of stitches? I’ve added

This video details the process of using the BACKSTITCH as an outline, in this example it is used on the Serpent's Sword pattern available in my Etsy shop: I do my stitches in one motion, so I'm pushing the needle into and out of the fabric before pulling through.
All of these techniques are used on the Serpent's Sword embroidery pattern, available at This video shows how to create a french knot, while also giving tips for how to create a french knot that will stand out when stitching on top of a satin stitch.