Dreaming of embroidered adornments, but don’t have the time?

Good news! I’m available for custom embroidery, on clothing and other ritual items. 

Includes design consultation and color sketch preview. Click "contact" above and fill out form, being sure to include a description of the textile you'd like embroidered, as well as what you'd desire embroidered.

3" x 3" Talisman - starting at $55

Small embroidery, up to 6" (on a pocket or sleeve for example) - starting at $111

Large embroidery (artwork on back of jacket) - starting at $222

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 4.19.42 PM2.png

Above left, custom design for Stina Swesey of Mother Mountain Herbals Right, custom design for Brandie of Magic Hour Astrology