Throwing the Baby out with the Holy Water

WARNING: No textile talk here, just some thoughts on spirituality from a human considering what they are actually made of!

I feel more and more every day that our modern culture leaves many of us in a state of Spiritual Repression, a reaction to the slurry of psychological disasters that have seized our culture for hundreds of years through the hands of organized religion, where we are essentially throwing the baby out with the holy water. 

I’ve recently come to desire a more in-depth way of talking about my artwork. Any time I write out anything that strikes as mystical or esoteric or - can we just throw this word in the trash already - “woo” I retract and consider that I won’t be taken seriously.

That I’ll loose the reader, that it’ll seem hokey or not serious. 

Yet the images in my work often come from a place beyond my rational mind, they are not always thought out detail by detail and considered logically. They are frequently channeled down to the point where sometimes I don’t actually know what my hand is even doing, it just draws and stitches and I get to bask in the joy of witnessing something greater than myself work through me, and I sit in awe and reverence and appreciation for being a part of this experience.

I don’t believe this happens because I’m special, or more spiritual than others, I believe this happens because I make space for this to happen, and believe strongly in its possibility.

The belief in a higher power or the existence of other dimensions has been tossed aside by our current culture. Science has dethroned religion, named itself king, and now every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. 

The irony is, quantum physics has thrown these old Newtonian theories in exchange for theories that are straight up out of a new age cult. 

There are multiple potentials existing simultaneously, time doesn't actually exist, and there is in fact some greater force moving all of this along. The atom is 99.999999% energy, not matter. The glands of the endocrine system line up precisely where chakras have been said to lay.

Science is finally catching up to the realities of what many forms of spirituality are based on. It is now our turn to re-program our beliefs so that we may access our fullest potential.

With the remaining influence of Newtonian science and the dismissal of spiritual experiences in our overculture, becomes harder and harder to believe that there is more than just what we can see with our eyes existing in front of us.

We’re convinced that if we can’t see it, it isn’t there - yet there literally so much more than meets the eye. The more we recognize there is more at play than just what we can intellectually grasp, the more we open ourselves up to opportunities we never knew existed.

We are so in love with the delusion of the "self" as we know it that we imprison ourselves in this perception. Many of the qualities we identify with begin as just an emotion, but after being experienced enough, we memorize it in our brains and then in our bodies, and it becomes essential to our personality, and any experience that does not re-inforce the self image is tossed out by our rational mind (see: negativity bias and cognitive dissonance). 

So shouldn’t in be possible to memorize a different way?

To plug into our brains a different frequency of who we are or what we do, and allow the free thinking soul to narrate and dictate and give you a journey to follow instead of the rational mind?

I’ve spent days now trying to tie this piece of writing up, come up with a clear and concise closing paragraph (like any good middle school essay) but there is no closure to this. It is intended to keep you thinking of how you’ve shorted yourself of your souls essence, where you’ve maybe denied the spiritual impact of an experience, or allowed the rational mind to keep contracted in moments of possible expansion.

So that maybe next time, you’ll allow yourself to believe the impossible, and to see the unknown.

christi johnson