Look, Listen, and Learn: January Favorites

Remember blogging back in the day?

Where you wrote as much as you wanted, and maybe no one would ever read it, but you were probably working a day job so it didn’t matter because you were already getting paid to sit at the computer?

Ok wait. Maybe I’m just describing my own experience.

As Instagram becomes more overwhelming, with ads taking up more space and less interaction actually happening, I find it more and more exhausting to try and type up how I feel or what I’m excited about into the tiny little screen for it to just disappear into that miniature abyss (I also recognize that I’m complaining about a free app that I chose to use).

But sitting at the computer with all this space, a feeling of permanence… it has become liberating once again.

All that to say, I used to really enjoy sharing collections of what I’ve been reading or listening to or oggling over, and I’d love to bring that back. So here’s a list of some of what I’m eyeing now…

Oh, and my birthday was this Sunday, but I really don’t mind belated presents ;)


JEWELRY: While Odin Sleeps, an incredible collection of jewelry that takes enameled sheet metal into 3-D forms in the most inspiring ways.

ART: Yin Shadowz / Megan Boyd - I find it difficult to talk about other peoples artwork… so just take a look for yourself. She’s also the one who created the image link for this post on the main “journal” page.

DESIGN: My friend Haley and her husband Thomas started a creative studio, Famous Charm. Everything they do individually is pretty amazing, so together… I mean, come on.


PODCAST: Keeping Shop, I especially love the episode with Lacey of THE FUTURE in Minneapolis. Her shop is an mix of magical community and traditional retail, and I’m lucky enough to have some pieces for sale there!

MUSIC: Set it off - Strafe. This New Year’s Eve my boyfriend DJ’d for our friends party, which meant the entire week before was spent listening to him shuffle through his record collection… equal parts great and “ummm what is this song and when will it end??” thanks to his eclectic taste in experimental music.

Then this album came on, peaked my interest with its “lets get this party started right!” intro (I’m a huge old-school hip-hop and R&B fan) then for the next nine minutes and thirty something seconds, I was carried on a musical adventure, stepping through different rhythms and tones, like ten different songs magically strung together in one cohesive tune. How in the world have I gone this long without hearing this song??! Which is a great question, because it was a mega-hit and sampled by countless other big songs of the 80s and 90s. Give it a listen, give it time.

Also been jamming on U.S. Girls latest album!


BLOG: Anima Mundi’s herbal blog is one of my favorites, she shares her knowledge of medicinal herbalism and of the bodies systems while including some more mystical aspects, which is by no means new but somehow so refreshing. She blends TCM, Western Herbalism, and Ayurveda which is I believe the best way to approach any healing art - we’ve got all these different ancient and modern systems at our hands, why not see where they line up?

BOOKS: Still Life with Menu - Yup. I read cookbooks like novels, because I find food preparation fascinating. Two to three times a day, I spend hours combining ingredients, chopping and mixing and tasting until everything is *just* right, spreading it out in the most aesthetically pleasing way time will allow, and then we completely devour this work of art, a cycle to begin again just a few hours later.

Molly Katzen’s first two books are arguably nicer to look at (for those of us who’s taste leans more towards DIY hand drawn then fancy layouts) but this book is arranged as menus. I generally don’t cook this way, and honestly rarely use recipes directly as -is, but this book has me thinking about combining dishes in a whole new way.