Library: Inspiration for Embroidery

I found this book by Constance Howard at this wonderful store called Lacis in Berkeley, CA (tipped off by Lise Silva of Sacred Knots glory). It is different than most craft books in the way it eschews discussing technique and spends all its time giving ideas for how to design your own unique embroidery concepts. I think it should be called "how to draw with thread and your intuition" but I'm pretty sure it came from a really stuffy old-school British embroidery culture, so I can't blame her for going with a really vanilla title. 

It also gives some suggestions on how to plan embroidery on clothing, which is particularly of interest. Seems like most craft books published now are instructionals that specify "ok put this embroidery on this color fabric in this area" (which is, for me, super stifling and kinda boring) so I more than appreciate the approach this book takes, one of leading you on your own journey of design, considering shapes and design thoughtfully to make your own magic. There are only 4 color plates, all of which are not that inspiring, but the graphic imagery on the hundreds of black and white pages make up for it.

christi johnson