LIBRARY: Artists in Spite of Art

 "A compendium of native, primitive, vernacular, anonymous, spontaneous, popular, grassroots, folk, serve-ur-self art" As an art school kid who quickly learned to hate what art stood for, I ran open armed to anything considered NOT fine art. From my eyes at the time, it was a male dominated, must be angry, the less it makes sense the better, confuse people enough and they will think it's genius sort of gimmick. While I've grown a bit less cynical about the whole thing, I'm still chasing the art that slips through the fingers of our modern ideals. This book thoroughly embraces the purposeful, lively, and soul (or necessity) driven creations of those compelled to create it themselves. It also boasts a large selection of hand painted signs, and as an admirer of lettering, I'm regularly swooning over these handmade designs. 

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