Interview with Las Brujas De Yerbas

"These Brujas are community minded medicine makers and natural dyers residing in Brooklyn.

They create herbal medicine the old school folk way and the magic of laughter and joy is never a forgotten ingredient.

They bring mysticism, culture and plant love to each of their endeavors; and maintain a respectful and loving relationship with the land beneath their feet and the plants that grow from it." - Las Brujas De Yerbas

The crossroads of spirituality and creation is where I believe magic begins, bringing the powers of plants into this alchemy and you've got solid gold. These women embody this combination, bringing in delightful discovery, and honoring the natural world into every stage of their process. 

Las Brujas De Yerbas is the magical collaboration of Katrine and Amanda, as well as a magical collaboration of herbs and fibers. Their soulful process is truly admirable, bringing their healing knowledge and bright spirits to the world in both liquid and fiber form. I asked them a few questions on their process and what drives them, as well as the paths that lead them to their work. 

Could you describe what drives you to create what you make, combining these elements of healing and fibers?

Medicine making tends to be more serious, instinctual and feeds our soul.

Whereas the dyeing has more of a playful, experimental angle to it. 

Would you say the path you’ve taken was rather straight, or a series of twists and turns? 

K : Many twists and turns. I've worked many jobs from design to English language videos, retail to restaurants. My personal projects have taken me from the Barcelona street art world and now to this herbal collaboration.

It has all been a culmination to end up here where I am. All the pieces fitting together as they do in this moment. 

A: My path has been a series of twist and turns but all them of seem to relate with each other, whether it be working in a farm to table restaurant, working on a farm in Spain and doing a garden based education internship in college. I have always had a strong connection to nature and plants. In college, I studied public health and took a few holistic classes leading me to the western herbalism world. And from there, my passion for learning about other ways to incorporate healing plants in my life led me to natural dyeing.

What does a day in the studio look like for you?

A lot of laughter.

Which products in your shop do you use most frequently, or recommend most frequently?

End of shift. Bitters. Herbal infused body oils. Salves for any cuts or burns.

What is one of your earliest memories of textiles? And / or of herbal medicine?

K:Of textiles? Jejejeje. My purple corderoy osh gosh bgosh overalls when I was a kid. My first experience with herbal medicine was going to the witch doctor with my mom in Austria as a child.

A: My favorite red panda bear shirt I wore all of the time. My earliest memory of herbal medicine was when i used to pick peppermint and spearmint from my moms garden.  And picking honeysuckle flowers from my childhood backyard. 

Can you offer any advice for people interested in studying herbalism, or what advice would you give your past self?

You're already there. 

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